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A collection of the most complete lubricant prohibitions in

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  Lubricating oil is mainly used to reduce the friction between the surfaces of moving parts of the equipment, and has the functions of cooling, sealing, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, insulation, power transmission and cleaning impurities on the equipment. It can be seen that lubricating oil plays an important role in the maintenance of the equipment. The following is to follow the footstep of jointer lubricating oil dispenser small make up together to learn the lubricating oil to have what forbidden matter.

  1.It is prohibited to increase the type of lubricating oil

  There is a selected standard, the first choice of machinery manufacturer recommended oil, but when the equipment is more than the use of the oil recommended by the manufacturer, the variety becomes numerous, not only inconvenient management, but also there is the risk of oil supply error. Therefore, the quality and viscosity grade of the oil are compared, and the similar oil types are grouped together to reduce the oil types as much as possible.

  2.Prohibition of excessive lubrication of lubricating oil

  The level of lubricating oil is determined according to the lubrication method. The liquid level gauge is the reticle and not just the higher the better. Marking is very important for liquid level management, so read the operating instructions of the equipment carefully and use it after understanding the meaning of marking. When the lubricating oil is added too much, the oil is agitated too much, bubbles are generated in the droplets, the function of the lubricating oil is lowered, and the lubricating oil is aged prematurely.

  3.It is prohibited to mix the oil

  The lubricating oil used, due to the oil supply time, the oil supply equipment is used together, which will cause different kinds of oil to be used at the same time. This may cause precipitation due to chemical reaction with the additive in the lubricating oil, solubility problems, separation of the additive, low stability, and the like. This is a big problem. Although the oil is gone, it cannot be supplemented with a different kind of oil. The machines used for supplying oil are different depending on the type of oil. As a last resort, use only after the last oil has been completely removed.