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Take stock of the most neglected oil use misunderstanding(2)

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  Engine oil, full name engine lubricating oil. The engine is the heart of a car, there are many metal friction movement, and engine oil can play a role in lubrication and antifriction. Now, more and more car owners realize the importance of engine oil, but little is known about the correct use of engine oil.
  4.Diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil
  Although gasoline engine and diesel engine also work under high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load conditions, there are still great differences between them. The compression ratio of diesel engine is more than 2 times that of gasoline engine, and its main parts are much more impacted by high temperature and high pressure than gasoline engine, so the materials of some parts are different. When the diesel engine is added, the bearing shell of the diesel engine will be half-point, pocked, even flaked, and the engine oil will soon become dirty, which will lead to the shaft burning accident.
  5.Oil change is to see mileage and shelf life, first come
  Under normal circumstances, the owner can determine whether replacement is required based on the mileage and shelf life of the engine oil. Replace 5000 km of common engine oil, 7500 km of semi-synthetic engine oil and 10000 km of total synthetic engine oil. In that environment of frequent traffic jam, high temperature, cold and the like, the replacement period should be shortened. In addition, if the oil exceeds its expiration date, even if the mileage of the replacement cycle is not reached.
  6.Blind use of good oil
  Some owners think that imported engine oil must be better than domestic engine oil, so they use imported engine oil in domestic vehicles, especially in new vehicles. As I do not know, this is often not worth the loss, there will be many maladies. For example, most of the imported engine oil viscosity is low, can not meet the requirements of domestic vehicles on the viscosity of the engine oil. In addition, that coefficient of thermal expansion and the fit clearance of various matching part of domestic engines are larger than those of imported engine, and most domestic engines are not equipped with oil radiators. If the imported engine oil is blindly used, the oil pressure will be low due to the engine oil lean under normal operating temperature, Fail to meet the need of normal lubrication, and increase engine wear.