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Take stock of the most neglected oil use misunderstanding

Time:2018-04-13 09:54   Click:
    Engine oil, full name engine lubricating oil. The engine is the heart of a car, there are many metal friction movement, and engine oil can play a role in lubrication and antifriction. Now, more and more car owners realize the importance of engine oil, but little is known about the correct use of engine oil.
1.The higher the viscosity, the longer the oil is used
  Some owners believe that the viscosity of the oil will continue to decrease with the use of time, so it is a misconception that the higher the viscosity of the oil, the longer the use of the oil, this is a misconception. The use time of engine oil is related to the working conditions of engine, such as performance, wear degree, road running and environmental conditions, and to the quality grade of engine oil, anti-wear agent and anti-high temperature oxidation additive, but not to the viscosity of engine oil.
2.oil can only be added
  For some German car owners, regular inspection of the oil is right, the trunk of the regular oil can not be normal. In that use proces, the performance of the engine oil will gradually decrease due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons, and there will be some consumption at the same time. It is impossible to make up for the loss of lubricating performance of the engine oil. It is like saying: Cold water and normal temperature water, can only be more and more warm, can not be more and more cool. So if oil is added or not, the performance will be worse and worse.
3.Don't forget to pack the oil
  Regular maintenance, oil replacement and three filters are required for every certain number of kilometers of vehicle. However, each oil change is carry out in units of a barrel, and there is a slight surplus aft that oil change.