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Talking about Sales Off-season, How to Adjust the Product Tr

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        Sales off-season is the best time to comb and integrate products in the region. Due to the relatively smooth and relaxed sales in the off-season, the moderate adjustment of the product layout and structure will not have much impact on the market sales.

  Select new products and create new profit points. In the sales off-season, most manufacturers have adopted a conservative contraction strategy, this time to promote new products, often because of fewer competitors, and easy to cut into the situation and integration, momentum. At the same time, after the new product is launched, it will give the salesperson and the dealer new feeling, new motive force, bring the new growth point to the market finally, let the whole sales increase.

  To adjust the old products, the survival of the fittest. Some non-profit and aging products, "food tasteless, abandoned pity," but because it occupies a certain market share, in a hot sales season in the situation, often do not dare to rush to it, and in the sales off-season use of new products to market a good opportunity to replace the old products, New and old products can have a very good transition and convergence. Sometimes the choice is more important than the effort. The Eagle fuel dispenser gives you a response to every choice.