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Oil identification method

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  Oil is the most commonly used maintenance of the car products, therefore, the amount of oil can be said to be very huge, which means that the oil products have a very broad market and huge business opportunities. Fimeter lubricating oil dispenser is also reminded that because of this, some illegal people will use this opportunity to produce a large number of inferior oil, and circulation to the market, profits. Therefore, consumers need a pair of eyes to identify the engine oil. So how do you identify it.

  One is oil flow observation method: Take two measuring cups, one of which holds lubricating oil to be checked, the other is placed on the table, and the measuring cup filled with lubricating oil is raised 30 ~ 40 cm away from the table top and tilted to allow the lubricating oil to slowly flow into the empty cup to observe its flow condition. The oil flow of the lubricating oil with good quality is slender, uniform and continuous. If the flow rate suddenly and slowly, sometimes there is a large flow down, it indicates that the lubricating oil has deteriorate.

  Two is hand twist method: Twist lubricating oil between thumb and forefinger repeatedly grind, better lubricating oil has lubricity, grinding chip less, no friction; If a large friction feeling such as sand grain is felt between fingers, it indicates that there is much impurity in the lubricating oil and it cannot be used any more, new lubricating oil shall be replaced.

  Third is the light method: On a sunny day, use a screwdriver to lift the lubricating oil, 45 degrees from the horizontal, the control of the sun, observe the situation of oil drops. Under light, it is good to see clearly that there is no grinding chip in the lubricating oil; If the debris is too much, it should be replaced.