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Rui Ling nubuck sense on double eleven

Time:2017-11-13 08:26   Click:

  The full screen of the double eleven activities dazzled, with the double eleven of the approaching, more fierce play more potential. Recently, the field of mobile measurement leader Rui Ling measurement and shot, will be November 11 during the launch of the "11 million welfare benefits" activities, online and offline national synchronization, all the physical store dealers are all involved in double 11 discount Welfare, this time to buy flow meters, measuring guns, tanker cost-effective.

  Rui Ling metering in the country has more than 400 dealers, are widely distributed throughout the country, in the survival channel changes, many companies in the distribution channels to the e-commerce, it will inevitably have an impact on offline channels. Rui Ling measurement will not be mercy, the online layout will not ignore the offline, more inclined to win-win cooperation, repay new and old customers. The double eleven coincided with Rui Ling measurement eleven anniversary of the plant can be described as the largest preferential welfare in the history, 400 distributors divided 11 million, there are more value-added benefits! It can be said to miss this time will wait another eleven years!

  Now, 2017 Rui Ling measurement double eleven Carnival is about to open, a welfare gluttonous feast wait for you Chang enjoy! Immediate concern Rui Ling measurement official shop, first to learn more about the information!