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How long can we use the tanker? This brand gives the answer

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  When it comes to fuel dispenser, most people probably feel about the same, but for the user, how long a qualified tanker lasts, the answer is different. Some people think that one year, some people think that two or three years. But for the Jingying tanker, the product has no fixed service life, whether it is far in the desert service in Africa, or bumpy in the rugged mountain road, no matter what kind of harsh environment, Jingying tanker has been breaking the stereotypes, the ultimate challenge .

  Mr. Lee from Shandong, working in power plants, is the energy station in the power plant. The Jingying tanker purchased is responsible for maintaining the refueling supply of dozens of forklifts because of machine breakdown and company maintenance. The company chapter master found through inspection, tanker failure is due to age with the wind and sun caused by the pipeline aging, because the use of too long, the aging is very good. The master replaced by a new tube, tanker soon run well. Mr Li told us that this static eagle tanker put into use from the beginning of 12 years the factory has now no problem, bring up these Mr Lee amazed. "In the past, the unit did not have oil and went to refueling far away. Now it does not have to be done. The oil will come in. You can refuel your forklift directly with the tanker, saving you a lot of time and convenience." ......

  As long as the demand for fueling, there will be tanker, no matter how the world with rapid development, Jingying tanker will, as always, to provide efficient and lasting service to customers at home and abroad!