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FIMETER hand in Anhui University of Science and Technology

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  On the afternoon of July 4, 2017, Rui Ling, general manager of Duan Hongliang and director of computer and electronics specialty of Anhui University of Science and Technology held a seminar in the center of the school. The two sides carried out the technical development, data construction and networking of intelligent automation and control. Deep and wonderful exchange.

  In the economic globalization, industry integration trend, cooperation and win-win has become a consensus. The cooperation aims to overcome the product automation control technology problems, to promote Anhui Ruiling Meter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  market at full speed, the traditional metering products intelligent, networking, Internet of things to enhance the strategic thrust industry. The two sides will make full use of Anhui University of Science and Technology in information infrastructure construction, technological innovation and other advantages, as well as Anhui Ruiling Meter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  in the field of measurement industry leading position, large customer resources, market influence and other comprehensive advantages, and constantly deepen the strategic partnership The

  On the same day, FIMETER section and the school leaders in the introduction of talent, project cooperation and development on a detailed and comprehensive discussion, Rui Ling measurement actively with the communications technology, automation technology, sensing technology and other fields of information expertise in advanced engineering Talent. To ensure the resolution of key technical needs, the company set up a special group within the special, with the institutions of docking, to provide funds, conditions and team, and the development of large-scale networking business with the company's industrial chain, and actively build industry, User-oriented eco-circle for users.

 FIMETER metering over the years has been more efficient with the domestic and maintain a stable and cooperative relations. The visit to Anhui University of Science and Technology, both sides said that today's cooperation is only a beginning, the future of "automation control" "Internet security" industry and business docking will have more in-depth opportunities for cooperation. Rui Ling metering will also strive to establish a bridge between industry and academia, for the flow of measurement industry into a new scientific and technological strength.