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FIMETER - staff to expand training, find small game players

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  Recently, Anhui Ruiling meter Manufacturing Co., Ltd of all my colleagues in the company's internal plant to carry out a combination of sports and fun to expand the training activities, the project includes: "soldiers assault" "Da Vinci Code" and so on. During the course of the activities of the staff division of labor, unity and understanding, team work to team strength to meet the difficulties and challenges. Warm atmosphere, laughter, refueling endless sound.

  Little change, break the mindset

  Before the start, the coach section led everyone to warm up preparation, then the event officially kicked off. "Soldiers assault" will be divided into two teams, selected soldiers, commanders, messenger. Commander Throughout the battlefield, in this process to make a response and decision-making, issued by the order officer, the soldiers responsible for the implementation. With the order, the two teams carried out a tight attack and defense war, each team are fully demonstrated their team full understanding. "Soldiers assault" not only test the leadership and execution, but also let everyone realize the strength of teamwork, build a platform of mutual trust. We boldly try, in the laughter to further achieve self-breakthrough. "It's too important to communicate the information and communicate it accurately," he said. "It's sometimes important to have a direct impact on the project's end result."

  You are my eyes at the moment of your eyes

  "Da Vinci Code" in the four groups of players to disrupt the order and was reversed in the 13 cards, followed by out of 1--13. But if the back of the 1 is not 2, then the card is invalid card, can not open. Participants after the first round of defeat, the team's cohesion, the spirit of cooperation and the feelings of the team between the unprecedented high, we have made plans to seek solutions, teamwork has also been greatly enhanced. Wang Jingli said, "Da Vinci password training in front of difficulties, and actively find the law to solve the problem and methods of awareness and ability through the game found in the law, can be applied in some work, such as the development of work plans, division of labor, efficient execution and many more."

  It's time to play our invincible wisdom!

  As a corporate culture training a comprehensive upgrade and added, through these rich and varied, various forms of outreach training activities, so that mutual understanding between colleagues increased the opportunity to communicate, to strengthen the collective awareness of participation and responsibility , Cultivate a good team spirit and a positive attitude towards life. The successful completion of this training, to everyone left a memorable memories. I believe that every member of the continued efforts, Fuel dispenser company of FIMETER will continue to the future, tempered forward, and then climb the peak.